Saturday, March 26, 2011

BWOF (now Burda Style)

I was interested in a light weight spring jacket, so I paged through some old BWOF that I have, not wanting to buy one more pattern to find space in the pattern file. This one was unlined, all the better (BWOF June 2008 #102). Notice the stress drag line on the right shoulder?......that is result of my alteration to accommodate my low shoulder on that side.......and the flapping, unbuttoned bottom jacket band?......Dummy's hip measurement is smidge larger than mine, so I couldn't get it buttoned.

Front Detail I was attracted to the scallops.

Another little detail on the sleeves of just 3 little tucks down the grainline.

Back View

The fabric is a cotton shirting from Michaels that was on sale last year for $5 per yd. Such a deal a spring jacket for $12 including buttons etc. One more thing, since I have rather prominent shoulder blades, I did insert a back shield for just another layer of fabric in that area. Should have photoed that too....oh well, you know what I mean. All the seams are top stitched that helps it all hang together nicely.
All in all, I like the outcome and even though it might seem to have a rather dressy look, I plan to wear it with casual bottoms.


  1. Joan - what a wonderful interpretation of this jacket!

  2. Carolyn and Hojnackes, thanks, for visiting my new blog, especially with your encouraging remarks. Come visit again.

  3. What a lovely jacket! it looks as if it will suit you perfectly.

  4. Your jacket is lovely and I never would have thought to make it in shirting but that is a great idea for a lightweight jacket. And I would think the lighter fabric would make the scallops easier to sew and press into shape. This pattern is a favorite of mine and I hope to make it one day.

  5. What a great jacket! The scallops and the tucks really make it special.

  6. This top is gorgeous! You will enjoy all those intricate details!