Sunday, January 30, 2011

Loes Hinse Bolero Jacket Tweak

This is the jacket that I took a break from to mull over what closure to use and how to add some color. I felt like a big beige blob, what with my light hair and skin. I had asked for ideas from SG Jacket-A-Month sew-along and I received some ideas that started me thinking
The completed jacket with the closure I finally decided on.
LH Bolero Tweak 003
LH Bolero Tweak 007
I began by establishing a base for the crochet trim around the collar and lapel and sleeve hem. I used wool worsted yarn.
LH Bolero Tweak 002
I created the 'button' by gluing some various beads and colorful doodads on a large button. On the back of the button, I glued a smaller shank type button to use for ease of attaching to the crochet medallion that I then attached the whole thing to the jacket.

The actual closure are a couple of size 2 covered snaps.

LH Bolero Tweak 013

I recently ordered these 2 patterns from Au Bonheur des petites mains. I was really interested in the hoodie, but not having any knowledge of French and knowing the instructions are very minimal, I thought perhaps to experiment with a simpler pattern first might be a good idea.
Now that I have them in hand, using 'shams' French Sewing Glossary and Yahoo Translator I plant to sew a muslin of the tunic.
After checking the flat pattern measurements, I plan to sew size 44. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nancy Erickson 1960 Cardigan

This was another 'Unfinished Garment", known around the sewing world as UFO. The fabric is an airy ravelly knit and with those characteristics, I definitely needed to line it.
I originally had used a woven silk for the front piece/collar, but it did not drape properly, so I took it apart and resewed using a wool jersey instead. With this styling it wears more as a jacket than a cardigan. I wore it to church Sunday and it was just the right weight for our rather spring like day.
Since making buttonholes in a jersey is a daunting challenge, I chose to used hidden snaps beneath the buttons,,,,,....buttons, I love to shop for button. These are antique from a button vendor at a local Designer Showcase

Fred Bloebaum Maaia Jacket

Here is a photo of the finished jacket, finished a couple of weeks ago.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Jacket A Month 2011

Well now that the holidays are behind me, I am anxious to get going on my remaining jackets. I plan to take a close look at a few of my UFO's that have been set aside for one reason or another. One is the Maaia Jacket from of Fred Bloebaum. When she passed away a few here at SG thought it would be a good idea to sew one of her patterns in her honor. I just lost my steam dealing with a ravelly fabric. I am being determined to eliminate all the unfinished stuff hanging around taking up space and make a decision to finish it or stick the wadder label on it and get it out of my sight. I will post pics when my new camera very old camera gave up the ghost recently.
I am energized by all the fast paced chatter and beautiful/creative completed garments so far on the SG forum for this Topic