Sunday, January 30, 2011

Loes Hinse Bolero Jacket Tweak

This is the jacket that I took a break from to mull over what closure to use and how to add some color. I felt like a big beige blob, what with my light hair and skin. I had asked for ideas from SG Jacket-A-Month sew-along and I received some ideas that started me thinking
The completed jacket with the closure I finally decided on.
LH Bolero Tweak 003
LH Bolero Tweak 007
I began by establishing a base for the crochet trim around the collar and lapel and sleeve hem. I used wool worsted yarn.
LH Bolero Tweak 002
I created the 'button' by gluing some various beads and colorful doodads on a large button. On the back of the button, I glued a smaller shank type button to use for ease of attaching to the crochet medallion that I then attached the whole thing to the jacket.

The actual closure are a couple of size 2 covered snaps.

LH Bolero Tweak 013


  1. You haven't posted a picture here yet, but I love the way you finished out this jacket! It's a real standout now.

  2. bluemooney,since I am a newbie at blogging, I am not liking the way posting photos have to be done. Need some time to figure it out.
    Thanks, for the nice comment on the finished Bolero Jkt.

  3. It looks beautiful! thank you so much :)